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My name is Tatyana Agosto. I created this business with my husband and it all started as just a dream. I have been a DJ since I was 15 years old. I started off doing gigs for free & only for family. I also found myself in Bars and Clubs DJing. When I met my husband, he too LOVED music. He went with me to a couple of my gigs and then asked me why I do not start my own DJ Business? This was the beginning. I only dreamed of doing a job I absolutely LOVE. DJing to me is not just showing up, doing the job and leaving. It is a passion. Music is a passion. I know how to read the crowd and keep the party going. Everyone who is apart of our team shares the same values. To us, we want to create the best experience possible for each and every person we get the pleasure of working with. We offer elegance, professionalism, and outstanding services for great prices. We all go above and beyond expectations, and we always help in any way possible to help make whichever event run as smooth as possible.

Meet The Talent!

We are some of the best professionals in the field!

Tatyana Agosto AKA DJ T from Cle


Profile DJ

Eric Agosto


Professional DJ

Kendall Ortosky

Event Coordinator

DJ Assistant

Professional Photo-Booth Specialist

Sammy Gonzalez


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